Seven Pacific

The Seven Pacific is a vessel with high-end technology. Building a vessel of this kind requires technological knowhow and experience in building such a complex

The Seven Pacific is a multi-purpose offshore support vessel which meets the highest standards and latest regulations.

The vessel was designed for the exchangeable service of pipe storage systems and pipelaying systems
all over the world. The primary focus is the flexible pipes, which can be stored and transferred in different ways, five reels on the main deck or two large carousels below the main deck.

The pipelay system is designed and manufactured by Huisman Equipment BV.

Also present on this vessel is a big Knuckle Boom crane with a cappacity of 250 mt. this crane is secondary hydraulic driven and is equipt with a active heave compensator for the full capacity.

Our Job: Commissioning the active squeeze systems of the pipelay and the 250mt Knuckle Boom Crane

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